Professsional Freelance Mixing Engineer for $350

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Michael Thomas Candido

Professsional Freelance Mixing Engineer for $350

Im a professional freelance mixing engineer who has been doing this for 15 years. I have had the Fortune of working under my mentor , legendary sound engineer Bill Dooley (Chaka Khan,Judas Priest, Madonna). I have also had the fortune to mix in some of the top studios in LA with musicians from around the world and from an eclectic mold of sounds. My rate is for one Mix with 2 revisions included. Recall is $150 or for extra revisions its $75 per every extra revision. I will be working on your mix from my private mix room with the following equipment. For any inquires inbox me thanks.

Protools 8 HD
Imac 21''
Digidesign 192
Panasonic 1/4' Reel-To-Reel
Yamaha HS-80 Monitors
Yamaha NS-10 Monitors
Sony Stereo (Refernace Speakers)

Collins IC-10A (20 Transformer based Inputs)


Signal Corps TS-580U
Hewlett Packart 320B / Passive Summing Mod.
TFE V100 Pre And Eq Channel
RCA SAMV-02 Mic Pre/Summing (4)
Altec 1611A Mic Pre (2)
Samson C Valve Mic Pre
McMartin LT-80A Line Amp


​Altec 9068 Passive Filter/Eq
Urei 533 Equalizer
White Instruments 4400 (2)
White Instruments 42200
White Instruments 4100A (3)


Orban 516E Deesser (3)
Samson C Comp Opti (2)
Empire Devices AT-106-D
Custom Bell/Western Electric Amp/ Bulb Compresor
General Radio 1112-B Mod (2)


SANSUI RA-500 Reverb Amp
Boss Flanger BF-3
Boss Distortion DS-1
Digitech RP-50
Digitech RP-400
General Radio 219
Maestro Phase Shifter PS-1
+ Plug-in Software.

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