mix your song and get a polished, radio ready song for $25

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mix your song and get a polished, radio ready song for $25

Hi! i´m Viti!

I will take raw files you have recorded at home or at a studio and applying techniques such as EQ, Compression, and Balancing Levels to make your raw recordings sound professional.

get professional quality mixes that will translate to radio, car speakers, headpohones, smartphones.

if you are ready place your order!


Teletronix LA2A Optocompresor

TL Audio EQ2 Ecualizador parametrico valvular

Orban 622B Ecualizador parametrico

Avalon vt737SP Channel strip (matched par)

Avalon vt737sp Channel strip (total 3)

Avalon 747 Unidad de compresion y ecualizacion stereo

Avalon AD2044, Opto compresor stereo / dual mono

Aphex Aural Exciter 104 Type C2

Urei 1176LN, FET compresor (Universal Audio)

Urei 546 Ecualizador parametrico stereo / dual mono

DBX 376 Channel Strip

DBX 266XL Compresor / Gate

DS Audio 176m compresor

Lexicon MPX100 Reverb

Lexicon Alex Reverb

Applied Research & Technology Pro VLAII Compresor

Ibanez DM1100 Delay

Alesis 3630 Compresor vca

DAT Sony

Yamaha SPX90 Multi FX

Yamaha GEP50 Multi FX

Boss GE131 EQ 1/3 Oct. (x2)

tascam DA-20 MK2 (DAT)

Alesis DM5 (Drum Trigger)

Alesis 3630 Compresor

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