Mixing for Country, Pop, Alternative, and Rock Artists for $500

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Mixing for Country, Pop, Alternative, and Rock Artists for $500

Message me and let's schedule a free mix consultation for your next song over Zoom! I would love to hear more about you, your background, and your plans/aspirations for your music!:)

I'm a mixing engineer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. I love helping country, pop, and rock artists along their journey in making awesome music. I'll do everything in my power to make sure you end up with a track that you are proud to share with the world.

Why hire me?

I mix, that's it. All my musical efforts are spent either on mixing music, or preparing/editing tracks for mixing. Let's face it, your music is your baby. You've put your heart and soul into it. The mix literally makes or breaks the countless hours you've put into recording and producing. Do you really want your song that you've worked so hard on to be mixed by a producer or recording engineer who spends 90% of their time and energy on everything other than mixing? Or would you rather bring it to someone who really knows how to mix because that's what they do all the time? I choose to specialize in mixing so that I can be as good as possible at what I do, and so I can give you the best sound possible for your music.

I generally mix within the country, pop, and rock genres. Why do I do this? Because these are the kinds of music that I know best and that I am most passionate about. Working within these genres helps me to be a master at mixing this kind of music, connect with my clients' songs, and to be passionate about their work with them.

What's included:
- An awesome mix that will take your song to the next level
- A tv mix (the final mix without the lead vocal)
- 2 rounds of revisions. This means that you can send me a list of various different mix revisions up to 2 times for free. Each round of revisions after that is $30/round.

What's not included:
- Editing (pitch correction, time alignment, etc.) If you are in need of pitch correction or any kind of editing, just let me know! I can give you an additional quote for the editing based on your needs.
- Mastering
- Processed individual multitracks from after the song has been mixed (Can be requested after for a $75 fee).

Don't worry about how many tracks your song has. I have one flat price, no matter how many tracks you have in your song!

Thanks for trusting me enough to be able to take part in your music. Looking forward to working with you on your next project!

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Country on the Radio

I was the mix engineer on this country song.
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  • Saturday Nights
  • Just Might
  • See Past All the Rain

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