Creative, competitive, pro mix & master for your Christian music for $175

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Creative, competitive, pro mix & master for your Christian music for $175

>>>Message me, let's discuss details and availability BEFORE you order this service!

So... I LOVE Jesus, music and audio! I've been a seasoned audio professional, musician, producer for 20+ years. I've "made records" for countless bands, artists, churches and ministries in various styles and genres. I have produced, performed and engineered many of my own projects as well.

I'd like to offer my well equipped studio and expertise to make a radio-ready mix for you!


I WILL CREATIVELY MIX AND MASTER your Gospel / Worship or Christian song of ANY genre.

Included is basic track denoising, Melodyne tuning, timing/mistake edits, tuned, editing timing / mistakes.

You will end up with a 48k 24 Bit Wav master. If you require a different format/bit rate let me know. On request I'd be happy to create an additional MP3 master - or an additional master in whatever format/bit rate you specify.

Besides bringing you a wealth of creative and technical abilities, I've pastored a couple of churches, been a worship leader, built, staffed and managed church recording studios. Not only do I have you covered technically, but I fully understand you and your project as a seasoned believer.

Let's do this!

Again reach out FIRST so we can go over details and availability.

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