Mixing and Mastering of Classical Music for $250

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Florian Mayerhoffer

Mixing and Mastering of Classical Music for $250

I mix within the box, my DAW is Reaper, it's a 64bit engine and sounds brilliant. My tools are:

Exponential Audio: Nimbus Reverb, a very good sounding algorithmic reverb for classical music with lots of possibilities of settings
Altiverb 7 convolution reverb, with own impuls responses; one of the best reverbs available
Valhalla Room algorithmic reverb, an nice sounding alternativ reverb
DMG Audio Equilibrium EQ and Track Comp Compressor; they both sound extremely transparent
FabFilter Pro-Q 2, EQ for surgical operations
Sonnox Oxford EQ, a warm sounding EQ
Izotope Ozone 8 for Mastering
Spectral Cleaner
Kush Audio Clariphonic DSP MKII, parallel EQ for beautiful heights
Kush Audio Electra DSP, Electric Transient Equalizer for more crispness
Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine and Mix Rack for analogue sound
Zynaptic Unfilter, a high end cleaning tool for removing resonances

My working place is a very good acoustically treated room, my loudspeakers are custom made big two-way bass reflex transient perfect speakers with high-end crossover components. They deliver a neutral sounding perfect sound stage. My DA converter and amplifiers are modified, neutral and excellent sounding components.

I offer mixing and mastering of up to 16 tracks, and a length of up to one CD

F. Schubert - Mass in E flat Major, Kyrie

Classical Orchestra and Choir
  • F. Schubert - Mass in E flat Major, Kyrie
  • J.S. Bach - Magnifikat
  • "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald"
  • F. Liszt - Mephisto Waltz
  • L. Vierne, Carillon de Westminster
  • J. Haydn - F sharp Minor, 3rd movement
  • R. Wagner - Arie Elsa from Lohengrin
  • W.A. Mozart - Great Mass in C-Minor, Kyrie
  • World Music

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