Mix, Master & Editing of one song for $300

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Mix, Master & Editing of one song for $300

Whether your music is Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz or any other genre, I will provide a finished, radio/cd ready mix & master including (if needed) drum quantization/sample replacement, vocal tuning/alignment and any other digital editing required to get your song to it's peak potential. Many offers on AirGigs separate those services and charge individually, but I think you should be able to come to one place and know you're leaving with everything you need for one price. Your tracks (no track limit) will be running through the highest quality analog outboard gear along with top tier plugins from Waves, UAD, Fab Filter and more. Even if your song wasn't recorded in a great live room or with the best mics/pres, I can still turn a less than ideal session into a great mix and create a warm, analog vibe from cold digital tracks.

I am working out of a newly renovated studio that I built in East Nashville after relocating from Florida where I run a Pro Tools HD Native 10 system with Avid HD I/O converters. My outboard gear list includes:

11-76 (RevA & RevD)
Distressors (x2)
Analog Allstars EQ-P1s
Obsidian buss compressor

Growing up listening to Motown and oldies, then transitioning to punk rock, indie, jazz and pop I understand the intricacies and elements of many styles of music. I have produced, engineered, mixed and mastered records for bands like The Western Sons and SWIMM, with a featured song from their EP making Apple Music's "Best of 2015" list amongst Tame Impala, Mumford and Sons and Alabama Shakes. I was also nominated for "Mixer of the Year" in 2012 at the Annual Alumni Awards at SAE Institute amongst Grammy winning mix engineers.

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