Professional Commercial Ready ITB Mix for your next song for $250

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Professional Commercial Ready ITB Mix for your next song for $250

I will use my 7+ years of music and audio engineering experience to mix your song to ensure it will be sonically competitive for today's music market. I have experience as a gigging and session musician, recording and mixing engineer, and music producer. l will bring everything that I have to the table to make your song stands out. I've worked in pop, hip-hop, EDM, jazz, folk, Acapella, and orchestral/soundtrack scores.

I will take whatever audio files you have and shape them together like puzzle pieces in order to create a finished picture of your song. Just send me whatever you have!

I mix in the newest version of Pro-Tools and use the latest high-quality plugins from Waves, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, Plugin-Alliance, and a variety of other manufacturers to get your tracks sounding professional.

My aim is to make your track stand up to the songs that your heroes have made, so that you can feel proud in the work you have accomplished to get your song to where it is now. I will use every trick there is to use in order to extend the frequency response of your instruments, create a sense of depth and space, and make your vocals and lead instruments jump out of the speakers to grab you. But most importantly I will ensure that your song tells the story you set out to tell.

**Please reach out of your track has more than 20 stems or is longer than 5 minutes in length, prices are negotiable**

  • Pop
  • Electronic
  • R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter

Love Is Your Favorite Word (Original)

Folk Mix
  • Love Is Your Favorite Word (Original)
  • Pay Your Rent - Francesca Schofield
  • ReProgram Me - Brendan Bradley (NPC Musical)
  • Special - Cassie Pearl
  • World's Turned To Shit - Noah Kaib

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