Mixing & Mastering for $185

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Mixing & Mastering for $185


You have nothing to lose!! I can send a free 1 minute sample mix within a few hours. Then you can decide if you want to continue.

Im confident I can bring your song to a commercial sounding level. I consider myself a modern-style mixer. I like big sounding mixes with wide a stereo image. A landscape of sound.

The Turn-Around Time:
Just because I have a fast turn-around time does not mean the quality will suffer. I have a very efficient workflow. I can send back the watermarked sample mix within a few hours depending on the size and complexity of the project. I usually finish the mix within a day but I like to sleep on it and briefly revisit before sending back to the client.

Reference songs are highly encouraged because I know it can be difficult to describe what you're looking for.

I prefer to mix into a mastering chain so you're essentially getting a free mastered mix!

*Properly Prepared Files: All required editing (time alignment, drum replacement/sampling, and vocal tuning should be completed prior to submission for mixing/mastering. If you need these services, I can facilitate that for an additional cost.

Please label audio/MIDI files clearly (ex: Kick, Snare, Ld Vocal, Bass DI, Bass Amp, etc..)

-Logic 10
-BAE 1073
-Tube Tech CL1B
-Universal Audio LA-2A



Alternative Rock Mix & Master

I Mixed & Mastered this song.
  • Alternative Rock Mix & Master
  • Hip-Hop Mix & Master - Butterfly Doors
  • Dance/Funk Mix & Master - Toast to Life
  • Rock/Country Mix & Master - Brownies
  • Hip-Hop Mix & Master - Falling Out
  • R&B Mixing & Mastering - Everything
  • Pop Punk Mix & Master

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