Mix and master your music for $110

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Mix and master your music for $110

Realize your music with a professional sound engineer. I use both Cubase and Pro Tools last releases system with a lot of plug-ins and hardware gears like Lexicon PCM91 and TC Electronic M5000, Sony V77 and Yamaha SPX. In the box and analog mix.
I realized a lot of music productions: classical, pop, rock, fusion, electronic, contemporary and jazz music.
Drums grid alignment and vocal tuning.
Also available editing on the score.

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock

The Loss Of Faith - Baif

Electro-pop song by Sandro Amoroso (vocals) and Serena Cosentino (violin). Mixed & mastered by Cristiano Nasta.
  • The Loss Of Faith - Baif
  • Where Are You - Riccardo Dalli Cardillo & Dominique Mathurin

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