Pro Mixing: Hard Rock & Modern Pop for $175

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Pro Mixing: Hard Rock & Modern Pop for $175

Dedicated mix engineer here to elevate your tracks via precision mixing and a touch of sonic magic. Let's amplify your music and create some top-quality, captivating tracks filled with excitement and energy.

🎸 **Bringing Your Vision to Life**
I'm passionate about understanding your artistic direction and working together to craft a mix that perfectly captures your style and elevates your music. While I excel in genres like pop, hard rock, and acoustic singer-songwriter, I'm not limited by any specific genre. I'm committed to refining your tracks and making them stand out in today's competitive music landscape.

🎧 ** Unrivaled Sonic Precision**
Mixing magic happens with the help of Slate VSX Headphone Mixing System, precisely modeling pro studio speakers, car systems, clubs, and more, ensuring your mixes sound fantastic everywhere. Additionally, during the mix process, I use reference tracks as a valuable framework to target the best possible sound. With the Apollo Twin X's top-notch D/A conversion and clean headphone amp, I ensure pristine audio for enriching your music with unparalleled quality and versatility.

🎛️ ** Analog Magic, Minimal Gear**
Step into my hybrid studio, where analog richness meets the digital world! I craft top-quality mixes with cutting-edge analog modeled plugins like PluginAlliance, Waves, and UAD, adding vintage-inspired charm using SSL-style frequency knobs on the RockSolid Audio Micro 4k. For a big console feel, tactile faders from the Behringer X-Touch control surface handle automation and level balancing.

💫 ** Excellence in Every Mix**
Elevating your music is my passion and I'm dedicated to delivering outstanding mixes that exceed your expectations. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, I ensure each track is crafted to perfection. Alongside top-notch results, you can expect clear and prompt communication throughout our collaboration. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I'm committed to providing you with an exceptional mixing experience that brings your musical vision to life.

Ready to get started? Feel free to reach out with any questions or share your project details. No pressure whatsoever. Let's work together to make your music stand out and leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Cheers! 🤟

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  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop-Rock
  • Metal
  • Hard Rock


Dragged Under
  • Chelsea
  • Sliding Doors
  • I've Got A Feeling (cover)
  • Throw It All Away
  • Solsbury Hill (cover)

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