Major Label Quality Mix & Master for $200

In Mixing By Elijah Kuttikhen

Major Label Quality Mix & Master for $200

Seeking an engineer who is FREAKING GOOD at making that MAJOR LABEL QUALITY sound?
Top Ranked Engineer.
I'm helping artists get noticed for over 15 years.

Within this gig you get:
✅ UNLIMITED number of tracks per project
✅ UNLIMITED revisions. The project is completed only when you're 100% happy with the result
✅ Creative processing (Panning, Automation, Modulation Effects, creative Reverbs and Delays, Filtering, Distortion based effects)
✅ Autotune pitch correction (from subtle tuning to "robotic" sound)
✅ Industry-Standard mastering
✅ Radio-Ready mix that translates well onto ALL types of listening systems and environments.

Want that Competitive Pro-Quality Sound that will take your music career to the next level?
Feel free to get in touch - I'll be happy to help!

Feel free to message me with any questions you have.
My main goal is to help you GROW as an artist - so none of the details are minor! Quality is a priority.

Thanks for checking me out!
Within years of professional practice, my studio and I have gained a splendid opportunity to cooperate with several labels all over the world. I was involved in a variety of projects and music styles: Hip-Hop, Pop, Country, Blues, Rock, Electronic and Symphonic music, and so on. Due to it, I’ve gained great experience and also managed to expand the color range and variety of techniques while working on new mixes.

It doesn’t matter whenever I work on a low-budget project or music for Major Record Label, I always set a goal to get ideas and passion put by an artist into a song across to the audience. My purpose is also to create such a sort of mix that could hold the audience’s attention from the very first second to the final chord.
CREDITS: Ikonic Artist Management (AU), Silk Records (USA), Digital Empire Records (PE), Shaniqua Shay (AU), Smash Fabric Records (NO), Golden Star Records (USA), Moon Records (KR), Safari Music (AUS), Pop Rox Music (USA).

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