Mixing by London based professional engineer for $100 per song for $100

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Mixing by London based professional engineer for $100 per song for $100

Hi, my name is Keiron Marshall and I am a Producer & Engineer based in London, UK who has worked in the music industry for over 11 years, working with music of all genres from Acoustic, Folk, Country through to Blues, Soul, Rock, and Pop. I have had the privilege of engineering for Grammy award winners; Imogen Heap, Tim O'Brien as well as Matthew Perryman Jones, Angel Snow, Hannah White, Shlomo and many more.
As you can see from the list I have worked with a varied genre, but specialise more in live instruments; blues, acoustic, nashville country/bluegrass to singer/songwriter folk. My main thing I manage to achieve is a real organic, warm sound, like records of the old days.

This price includes 2 rounds of revisions. Heres how it will work:You will upload me the files, or send a drive if thats easier for a full record. I will get you a mix of the song within 2 weeks. After you have listened you can email me any changes. I will make revisions and send you Mix 2. Then you can send me Final tweaks, and i will send you Mix 3, an Instrumental and Acapella.

If you need to make more changes we can arrange this.

Please send instructions/confirmation after purchase via airgigs otherwise the gig will not be pushed through as ready to the air gigs server.

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