Rock Mixing from Grammy-winning Engineer for $10

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Rock Mixing from Grammy-winning Engineer for $10

Please Contact for Rate, it's a bit more than $10 :)

Credits with Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Billy Idol, Steven Wilson, and many more.

My goal is to bring out the best in your music, keeping it aligned with your artistic vision.

One unique aspect of my approach is the detailed pre-mix questionnaire I've developed. It's a crucial step that helps me truly understand the heart and soul of your music. By diving into your influences and specific goals, I can ensure that we hit the ground running with a mix that resonates and reflects your vision.

A key part of my process is the use of a high-definition video call for revisions. This isn't just about making small changes quickly, it's about ensuring we have a real-time, in-depth conversation about your music. It allows us to bypass the back-and-forth of emails, addressing any adjustments immediately and efficiently. More importantly, it gives us the opportunity to discuss the deeper aspects of the mix – why certain choices were made and what exactly needs to be tweaked. This level of understanding and clarity in communication is vital for a mix that truly captures your vision.

  • Prog rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock

Steal My Heart Away

Mixer, Engineer
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  • Swallow Pride
  • Never Understand
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