Rock Mixing from Grammy-winner for $450

In Mixing By Brendan Dekora

Rock Mixing from Grammy-winner for $450

Credits with Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Billy Idol, Steven Wilson, and many more. I work closely with my clients and make sure to ask for mix references of songs they like so we are all on the same page. I always make sure the client is happy before finishing, so no worries about doing anything remotely.

I mix in the box with all the best plugins, all UAD w 3x octo, all Plugin-Alliance, iZotope, Softube, Sound Radix, Fab Filter, Sound Toys, Eventide, Waves, Slate Digital, etc.

  • Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hard Rock

Steal My Heart Away

Mixer, Engineer
  • Steal My Heart Away
  • Swallow Pride
  • Never Understand
  • What They Do

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