Mixing - High Quality - Analog - Established for $400

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Mixing - High Quality - Analog - Established for $400

Hello! I've been mixing full-time professionally for over 10 years. I have a few notable credits including a Silver Telly award in 2016 for mixing and a Gold Telly in 2021 for live music recording.

I have chops in all genres, but I have the most experience with Rock, Pop, R&B, Trip Hop, and Jazz. I LOVE ambient sounds and grooves... so, songs with lots of space and room to create some trippy effects are welcome!


Although mixing digitally is very fast and sonically pure, I more-so enjoy the tones I can extract from real analog gear. For this reason, I use a hybrid workflow where, after any digital processing, the source signal is sent to the analog realm. From there, the signals are mixed together, and the mixing board output is recorded using a mastering grade analog to digital converter.

Check out my samples... I have quite a few of many genres. Feel free to request more samples of work!

Dirty Secrets

  • Dirty Secrets
  • Gator
  • Give me the Bluez
  • Hug You
  • Concepts
  • Dance Floor Fight Song
  • James
  • Austin - Keep fallin in love
  • Austin - My baby
  • Hannah - My Way
  • Chris - Paper Cranes
  • Combicosby
  • Rocc
  • Will - Cricles after mix/master
  • Jagger - When Im Gone
  • Will - Circles before mix/master
  • Lexi - Lights (ukulele)
  • Midnite / Terrance
  • Varun
  • Varun
  • John Eye For An Eye
  • Craftwork Music
  • Rocc
  • Siti - I can show you better
  • Gator Dance
  • Rocc
  • Rocc
  • Maribeth

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