Reach the next level Mix & Master for $95

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Reach the next level Mix & Master for $95

With 178 reviews for all our custom services, a Five Star rating, and a 100% satisfaction ratio, you can trust I.T.B. Audio Solutions to TAKE YOUR SONG TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!!, I.T.B. Audio Solutions will Mix and Master your song containing up to 32 individual tracks for $95.

Since 2016, from the U.S., to Europe,to Russia, to South Korea & South America, as well as the Caribbean, we provide audio solutions across the globe.

This will include addressing each track and the master mix by applying the necessary EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb, and other audio processing to bring out the best in your music!!!
You will not be disappointed. I allow for 2 revisions to address any customer's concerns, if any. I have experience in all genres, from orchestral, to country, to rock, to jazz, to EDM, to Trance...and everything in between.

I allow 7 days for completion for two reasons:
1) I am extremely finicky and like to revisit a mix multiple times before calling it done
2) To allow enough time to work with the client on revisions, if
I have a solid track record with 18+ years of experience in mixing and mastering audio, and know that a quality product will be delivered that meets your needs. See our profile page for all our reviews...

Need Vocal Pitch correction on the Lead Vocal?? Add $15
Have more than 32 individual tracks??? Add $2.50 for each additional track
Other audio work??? Message me with the details, and I will put together a custom proposal to meet your need.

SENDING FILES: Send your tracks via:
IF YOUR A STUDIO, this gig will help take the pressure off any work that is in jeopardy of missing deadlines due to your current workload being too crazy.

I can also deliver "rush" jobs if needed...and make you my only customer until work is completed! (An additional charge will apply)


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