Editing Vocals using "Melodyne & Vocalign" for $75

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Editing Vocals using "Melodyne & Vocalign" for $75

with 15+ years of experience working in the music industry with top of the line artists, over 200+ records, concerts & TV shows ( THE VOICE ISRAEL, THE FOUR etc...)

I'm using Melodyne for 8 years now, and there was not a single record that I've produced that I haven't used it on my vocals

Vocal editing using Melodyne software is the best tool for you to correct your pitch and timing and still sound as natural as before.

Whether if you are a professional singer or an amateur Melodyne will give you the best results for your record.

Service is for one main vocal track tuning only. If tuning is needed for additional vocal tracks or backing vocals of the same song please ask for a custom quote.

See ya :)

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With Melodyne

Vocal Tuned
  • With Melodyne
  • Without Melodyne
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