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If you have live recorded acoustic drum tracks to edit this is the service for you. I have been working at the Blue Ocean recording studio in Rome for 5 years, I use Cubase with i-Mac, Universal Audio Apollo 8p, UAD plug-in... I work by hand and I don't use elastic audio for obvious reasons of deterioration of the material. The number of tracks is unlimited (one take for song).

- Send your bounced tracks from the same bar
- I need to know the BPM with which they were recorded
- Send them with the same format, sample rate and bit depth with which they were recorded
- You can add a stereo track with the rest of the song to keep the musicality
- When the work is finished I will send you an mp3 with a raw mix to listen to. You have 2 revisions available
- After your confirmation I will deliver the separate and edited tracks or if you prefer the cubase session via downloadable link

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Country

Barbed Wire -Drums in a Rock mix

Drums in a Rock mix
  • Barbed Wire -Drums in a Rock mix
  • Drop on Glass - Only edited flat drums
  • Invernoir - Drums in a Metal mix

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