Drum Mix - Garage demo to Radio Ready for $79

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Drum Mix - Garage demo to Radio Ready for $79

Hi, Thanks for reading. I am a sound engineer with 24 years experience. I currently mix regularly for Warner Music & Sony and have an extensive client list and discography as a mixer. My discogs page shows a fraction of my released work, just search "Discogs Mark Bowyer" for a quick look. My credits include: Ed Sheeran, Charli XCX, Lonely The Brave, Sivu, Fryars.....

They are the hardest bit to get right in any production. If you are struggling to get the punch and clarity of your favourite records, I can help you.
If you can't afford a full mix session, I can provide you with a World Class drum track for you to base your song on.
Just send me what you've got and I will then edit, fix, phase align, sample augment (where appropriate) and mixdown a drum track that will sound like it came from a top flight studio!
I will provide you with a full mixed stereo stem, and individual Kick, Snare, Toms, Cymbals stems and my Pro Tools session if you want it.

Just drop me a line to discuss your individual requirements.

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