Major Label Rock / Pop / Metal - Mix & Master - for $200

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Matthew Denis

Major Label Rock / Pop / Metal - Mix & Master - for $200

I run a studio in Los Angeles called Audiographic Sound, and it was started with a simple goal: to give every song the life, energy & depth that it deserves, and to care about your art just as much as you do.
I want to make you sound the best you ever have.

Due to COVID-19 I'm currently offering 50% off my usual rates on this platform to help artists keep creating music they're proud of.

Here are a few testimonials from past clients:

"Everything sounds huge, and those drums...amazing.

This is a whole new level.

You made a miracle happen from what I gave you, I wish I could have worked with you from the start!"

"I just sat here with an ear-to-ear grin listening through it three or four times.

Amazing work man."

"You literally made magic from the stems that I sent you.

I've always tried to do a little mixing on my own but I could never get the drums right, or the whole band to really gel and breathe the way professional records do.

You made everything sound incredible, and the bass parts you laid down are perfect too."
Unlimited tracks, and revisions are included to make sure you are ecstatic about the finished product.

Let me know how I can help you create your sonic vision.


Creatures - Blake Baldwin

Indie Rock
  • Creatures - Blake Baldwin
  • Sunburn & Moonshine - Vie Jester
  • Chelsea - Dragged Under
  • Neural DSP Product Demo - Archetype: Nolly & Parallax
  • Sanctity - Socionic

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