Professional Dolby Atmos-Immersive Audio and Stereo Mixing-Mastering Service for $240

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Professional Dolby Atmos-Immersive Audio and Stereo Mixing-Mastering Service for $240

100% five-star reviews!
I guarantee professional-quality sound for your songs!

Custom Sample available for only $70!

Ciao, thanks for stopping by! My name is Francesco and I am a professional sound engineer with 25 years of live and studio experience. I graduated from Music Conservatory of Avellino (Italy) with my MA in Dolby Atmos Music.
My Studio is equipped with a high-level acoustic design and state-of-the-art audio equipment, including a Dangerous Music converter, Genelec monitor, Solid State Logic controller, and much more.

Additionally, I serve as the resident sound engineer at the Music Conservatory of Avellino.
I work in all styles and genres delivering radio ready song quality.

✅ Immersive Audio and Stereo Mix & Master - unlimited Tracks/Stems: $ 240 (Promotional Price)
**unlimited revisions**

I will deliver your song with mix and master in 5 different formats:
ADM BWF - Atmos Wav Master (immersive audio)
Binaural Master (immersive audio for headphones)
Stereo HD Wav Master (24bit, 48khz)
Stereo Wav Master (16bit 44.1khz)
Stereo MP3 Master
**You will also receive a version of your song with the backing track and another with the backing track and backing vocals**

For additional services, here's what I offer:
Other mix & master services & fees
🔷 Immersive Audio Mix & Master (Stereo Mix-Master is NOT included ) - unlimited Wet (processed) Tracks/Stems: $ 160 (Promotional Price)

🔷 Stereo Mix and Master up to 16 Tracks/Stems: $ 90
🔷 Stereo Mix and Master from 17 up to 32 Tracks/Stems: $ 140
🔷 Stereo Mix and Master from 33 and more Tracks/ Stems: $ 190

You can find more information about these services on my profile page:

🔷 Vocal Tuning
🔷 Editing/Quantization
🔷 Wet Tracks / Stems Export
**contact me for a quote**

For the mix and master of an entire EP or Album I can apply a great discount!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for further information. I'll be more than happy to assist you.

Best regards,


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