Pro Mixing + Free Mastering Services. High Quality Radio Ready Song for $75

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Pro Mixing + Free Mastering Services. High Quality Radio Ready Song for $75

For a limited time only on Airgigs: ++ FREE TEST and 50% OFF ++
Do not hesitate to Contact Me. I will be happy to do a test mix of your music for free! You have nothing to lose and I am pretty sure you will be satisfied!
I will offer to you the best experience here on Airgigs and I'll move forward on this amazing platform.
I work above all with independent artists and bands who, even without big budget, are looking for quality and attention for their music. I am a Mixer Engineer with a long experience both in studio and live. I guarantee you the best possible experience by offering "MONEY BACK" in case, for any reason, you are not satisfied with my service.

I have my own style and "my sound" able to enrich and complete the production work, making the mixing and mastering the last steps that enhance all the creative work done by the artist.
I do not accept compromises in terms of quality, for this I work in a large acoustically treated Control Room with high quality equipment such as the D/A converter Dangerous Music (with a sample rate up to 192khz), Genelec studio monitors and Pro Tools with and a large selection of plugins along with tube analog outboards like Avalon and TL audio compressors.

IN ADDITION: For all New Clients, 50% OFF. You will pay $ 75 dollars instead of $150 (average price per Song)
Here's what my service includes:
✅ FREE SAMPLE TEST (Ask me a Free Sample before buy!)
✅ FREE MASTERING (On any mixing service)
✅ MIXING SERVICE (Including Vocal Pitching Correction)
✅ MAJOR LABEL SOUND (Radio Ready Quality - 100% Guaranteed)
✅ UNLIMITED revisions (Quality is in the details, so you can ask me for any revisions you think are necessary)
✅ DIFFERENT MASTERS formats and versions released (Spotify, iTunes,YouTube quality + Backing Track, Stems Files)
✅ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, If for any reason, you are not satisfied with my service, a full refund will be made
- Receiving two o three REFERENCE TRACKS always makes me happy. Also tell me what you like about the references. I will not get the exact same sound but it will be a good starting point to get to the result you want.
- Receiving a Rough Mix would also be great to better understand your vision of the song which I will give everything it takes to make it professional!

Best regards,

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Spanky - Daisy

Recording, Mixing, Mastering
  • Spanky - Daisy
  • Max D - A place Under the Mountain
  • Spanky - Come la neve
  • Hands - Labirinto
  • Hands - Mestier Icaro
  • Orla - Riot
  • Max D - Timer clock
  • Spanky - Niente tra noi
  • YJOC - I got it Bad
  • YJOC - I don't miss a thing

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