Pro Mixing + Free Mastering Services. High Quality Radio Ready Mix & Master. for $75

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Pro Mixing + Free Mastering Services. High Quality Radio Ready Mix & Master. for $75

Get your FREE Mix & Master sample now! Only if you like it, you can then purchase the entire service.

Receive the FREE mastering of your song when purchasing the mixing service. Your satisfaction is my priority, that’s why I offer UNLIMITED revisions of the mix! Transform your music from a demo sounding home product to a professional sounding record. ------

I am a music producer and a professional sound engineer with 20 years of experience in helping independent bands and artists to take their "sound to the next level” both live and in the studio. I am here to offer you a professional online Mixing & Mastering service that will take your music to a professional sound.----- I'll mix and master your music in my professional studio, The Basement - Gesualdo, ITALY.
GEAR: D/A Dangerous Music Source 24bit 192khz - Desk Soundcraft Expression 66 ch. - Genelec 1030A - Pro Tools Plugin Alliance Fab Filter SoundToys Waves. Avalon 737, TL Audio 5021, Lexicon MPX1-----
My Credits include: Luis Bacalov, Fabio Concato, Simone Cristicchi, Francesco De Gregori, Fabrizo Bosso, Paolo Fresu, Sarah Jane Morris, Francesco Cicchella (Made in Sud), Marlene Kuntz, Goran Bregovic, Dee Dee Bridgewatere, Gaetano Curreri (Stadio), Fausto Mesolella, Raiz, Robert Glasper, Peter Erskine, Serena Autieri, Lucio Dalla, Domenic Miller, Enzo Avitabile, Roy Paci, Balkan Beat Box, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Nicola Piovani, Marina Rei, Danilo Rea, Folkabbestia, Amedeo Minghi, Marco Masini, Antonella Ruggiero, Ron, Ivana Spagna, Niki Nicolai & Stefano Di Battista, Eumir Deodato, Javier Girotto, Enrico Rava, Rosanna Casale, Chihiro Yamanaka, Diane Schuur, Apres la Classe, Stacey Kant, Renzo Rubino, Dirotta su Cuba, Foja, Ryley Walker, Ray Wilson (Genesis), Walter Ricci, Karima, Peppe Barra, Tony Esposito, Garbo.

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