Mixing & Mastering Services for $150

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Mixing & Mastering Services for $150

Offering professional quality mixing & mastering for independent bands/artist at an affordable price. Being a Full Sail graduate with countless hours in the studio I have plenty of experience to get you the professional results you are looking for. Specializing in Rock/Metal/Country/Blues genres.

Credits Include: Continua, Day of Awakening, Ryan Waters, Abounding, Perceptions Falter, SNAFU, Breathing Amber

Not local...no problem. Just send me your session files via internet/email (preferably Dropbox) or any other method you may prefer.

If your project involves more than one song contact me for a discounted rate

Guitar session work/overdubs available.

Gear Utilized...

Outboard Processing:
Focusrite ISA Pre
Art MPA Tube Pre
DBX Compressors
Orban 622 Parametric Eqs
Dbx Expander/Gate/Limiter
Fostex B-16 Reel To Reel 1/2" Multitrack Recorder
Lexicon Reverbs/Effects

Pro Tools Multitrack DAW
Focusrite Forte Suite
Waves Renasaince Maxx Bundle
Waves Kramer Master Tape
Waves Tune
Waves Ultra Maximizer/Limiter L2
Slate FGX
Auto Tune 7
Steven Slate Drums
Superior Drummer 2.0
PuigTec Parametric Eq
API 550A & 550B Parametric Eq

Orp Ratiug by Perceptions Falter

Mixed & Mastered
  • Orp Ratiug by Perceptions Falter

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