Professional Mix and Master, Any Genre, Unlimited Revisions for $85

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Professional Mix and Master, Any Genre, Unlimited Revisions for $85

Top Rated Studio Pro! All 5 star reviews! I offer unlimited revisions and will work endlessly for you, to get your song sounding radio ready. I mix any genre, tracks I have worked on can be heard on my profile! Happy to do a free test mix if you would like to hear before ordering. I have worked with artists of all different genres from the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

I will take your recording of your song and bring it to life. I can tune your vocals, focus on every aspect of your drum kit or beats. Guitars and bass, piano and synths can all be mixed to your liking, I will keep working until you are 100% satisfied.

I have been a songwriter and musician for the past 18 years, I mix and master with Logic Pro, using plug-ins from Waves, Native Instruments, Melodyne, Antares, Reverb Machine, Abbey Road Drummer, Abbey Road Studio and more!

My track 'Investigators - Jake George' released in 2019 was collaborated on with Dan Konopka from OK Go. The track has currently 45,000+ plays on Spotify and reviewed by Triple J's Gemma Pike. I have had interviews published in Australian magazines Beat Magazine and Forte Magazine. My debut album 'Clear View' was released on October 10, 2020 and is a mix of alternative, psychedelic and funk rock. The album has so far received great reviews from independent labels and blogs.

Spotify plays for my solo project 'Jake George' combined has surpassed 80,000+ plays, with interviews and features on independent music label websites, as well as community radio play across Australia, US and UK. My solo debut album 'Clear View' was written and recorded at home and received a 9/10 score by Broken 8 Records, one of their favourite releases of the year

Sleeping Bag Studios gave the album a highly favourable track by track review

My track 'In The Rain' reviewed by Top 10 UK Music Blog ANR Factory


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-Song production (Instrumental + Lyrics + Mix/Master
-Add guitar and bass to your song
-Instrumental + Lyrics (rock/pop/alternative/funk/country.. many, many more styles!)

Red Rainbow (Psychedelic/Funk/Pop)

  • Red Rainbow (Psychedelic/Funk/Pop)
  • Concrete (RnB/Alternative)
  • Flower Corpse
  • Relax - Zunapalooza (Rock)
  • In The Rain (Psychedelic/Funk)
  • Demons - Mistr Rice (RnB)
  • stomp'd da funk out (EDM)
  • A Good Day Will Come Around (Alternative Rock)
  • No Expression (Funk Rock)
  • funtimes (Hip Hop)
  • Gift - Andrew Brown (Acoustic/Ballad)
  • Dolce & Gabbana - Mika Robbins (Pop)

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