Rap Vocals Industry Level Mix & Master for $150

In Mixing By Elijah "EKmixmaster"

Rap Vocals Industry Level Mix & Master for $150

Seeking a FREAKING AWESOME engineer who can make your songs competitive among thousands of others on Spotify, Apple Music, and when you submit them to playlists, curators, and blogs? Who will open up your music potential for fans to the utmost?
I'll be happy to work with you!


I will mix and master your Vocals/Rap onto pre-mixed Instrumental to Spotify-Ready, Radio-Ready quality.

Hi, my name is Elijah. I’m the founder of EKmixmaster.com studio, a mixing engineer, a sound perfectionist.

CREDITS include Sony, Warner Music, Silk Records, Moon Records, Digital Empire Records.

GEAR: I'm using chosen by ears and tested by years setup of Manley, API, Warm Audio units, and software from leading developers (iZotope, Waves, Plugin Alliance, and many others).

What's included:

✅ Sonic enhancement of the Instrumental for a perfect blend with the vocals.

✅ Creative processing (Panning, Automation, Modulation Effects, creative Reverbs and Delays, Filtering, Distortion based effects)

✅ Vocal that perfectly sits on the top of music and is easily audible at any playback volume.

✅ Autotune pitch correction. (for vocals that require Manual pitch correction will be provided a custom quote based on the needed amount of work).

✅ Mixing of Vocals (Main and Background) for one artist. If your song comprises Main vocals performed by more than one artist - please request a custom quote.

✅ Industry Standard Mastering


✅ FREE BONUS - Exclusive Music Promotion Guide for independent artists.
35 pages PDF book that uncovers every step recommended for you in order to BUILD and GROW your fanbase!

✅ PROJECT EVALUATION. For your safety, before starting a project you can reach me out with the demo. I'll be happy to give professional feedback if it's ready for mixing, or there are critical errors that are better to fix first.

BEFORE-AFTER Demos https://ekmixmaster.com

Feel free to contact me – I’ll be happy to chat about your project!
For your convenience, I'm available for a call as well.


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