Drum Editing and Pocketing for $50

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Drum Editing and Pocketing for $50

My name is Mark, I'm the founder of the online digital audio services company Ghost Sound. Based in the UK, working in a small home studio, I offer a series of editing services for music. This listing is aimed at drums. I will tighten up your drum tracks to your specifications.

This can include locking them to a grid, quantising by a percentage value to increase the tightness without losing all the groove, or pocketing them to another instrument's performance. All edits are carried out by hand, using the cut and slip method, and are checked by ear to ensure as few artefacts as possible. All edits will retain 100% phase-coherence, so you can be sure your nicely recorded drums sound stays intact.

For the most public example of my editing work, please sample the album "Scheming" by the UK band "12 Stone Toddler". Drums, bass, some keyboards and guitars were edited by me on that album. It is readily available on Spotify or Apple music, or check out the song "Under The Weather" on Youtube.

I need little by way of equipment for this listing, so I will simply be using my trusty Macbook Pro and Avid's Pro Tools 12 to carry out the work. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please provide the files to be edited in Wav format in either 16 or 24bit. Files must all start at the same point and include any silence before the playing starts if necessary. Please label all files carefully with the name of the instrument for each file e.g. Kick, snare, Overhead left etc. Any tempo or meter changes should be included in a MIDI file exported from your session. If you're unsure what I'm talking about with the above, I can assist with this if needed, just send me a message. Where possible, please include a guide track, or a part that's playing most of the way through to compare the edit against.

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