HQ Industry Grade Mix/Mastering for $90

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HQ Industry Grade Mix/Mastering for $90

Airgigs Top Rated Studio Pro
Credits: Lawsy, Tom The Mail Man, Souly Had, Dizzy Wright, Koi & several others

Exciting news! We're back live on Airgigs! (prodxoasis), offering top-notch mixing and mastering services to take your music to the next level.

For those who may not be familiar, I am a seasoned producer and certified professional audio engineer based in the US. With a strong focus on RnB & Hip Hop music, I offer industry-grade online mixing and mastering services.

However, my versatility extends across various genres, ensuring that every artist's unique vision is brought to life with precision and excellence.

My passion lies in realizing artists' visions in real-time, and I am dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that your music reaches its true potential.

Here's what you can expect when you choose my services:
-Fast Turnaround: 2-3 days
-Up to 4 revisions within 7 days of delivery
-Customer Service a Top Priority,

Let's make your next song sound like a hit!

Mixing Rates (per song)

$90 Classic Mix
2-34 Multi Tracks Mix (.Mp3 or .WAV)
Mixing & Mastering
.Wav & Mp3
1-3 Day Turnaround

$120 Full Stems Mix
Full Stems Trackout Mix
35-50 stems
Mixing & Mastering
.Wav & Mp3
2-4 Day Turnaround

BULK DEALS: EP: 4-6 Songs $450
Album: 7-12. $700

(IMPORTANT: Please make sure your stems are properly lined up & exported before submitting your song(s). Also, it's highly recommended to include a reference mix/ brief instructions to ensure we are on the same page)

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