HQ Industry Grade Mix/Mastering for $90

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HQ Industry Grade Mix/Mastering for $90

Collective Credits: Trippie Redd, PnB Rock, Dizzy Wright, & many others

Hi , go by Oasis (prodxoasis)

I am a producer/certified professional audio engineer based in the US. I provide industry grade online mixing and mastering with a focus on Pop RnB/ Hip Hop music.

-Get your song mixed and mastered in 3-4 days
-Up to 5 revisions within 7 days of delivery
-Customer Service a Top Priority

Let's make your next song sound like a hit!

Over the course of my career I have been blessed to work with several producers and Hip Hop artists all over the world. Including my most recent endeavor is currently running a collective that has recently worked with a variety of artists such as Trippie Redd, Pnb Rock, Tom The Mail Man, Dizzy Wright and several others.

Mixing Rates (per song)

$90 Bronze
2-34 Multi-Tracks
Mixing & Mastering
.Wav & Mp3
1-3 Day Turnaround

$110 - Silver
35-42 Tracks
Mixing & Mastering
.Wav & Mp3
3-5 Day Turnaround

$135 - Gold
43-55 Tracks
Mixing & Mastering
.Wav & Mp3
3-5 Day Turnaround

BULK DEALS: EP: 4-6 Songs $450
Album: 7-12. $700

(IMPORTANT: Please make sure your stems are properly lined up & exported before submitting your song(s). Also, it's highly recommended to include a reference mix/ brief instructions to ensure we are on the same page)

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