Professional Mixing for $75

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Vaughn Bannister

Professional Mixing for $75

amazing studio located in East Los Angeles

Apogee element 88 + 46
Yamaha Hs7 pair
Apogee FX rack plugins
Waves tune LT
Solid Comp

I work in
But know all other DAWS

My list goes on I’ve mixed tracked and produced EVERY GENRE I want to offer a high quality professional yet affordable solution to your mixing needs.

1.Songs no longer than 5 minutes
2.Unlimited number of tracks
3.Please send stems ALREADY EDITED but with NO PROCESSING unless it is meant for the song (I.e. printed guitar solo with effects )
4.I Also recommend 1-3 reference songs if You have a vision in mind sonically

What it includes:
Level adjustment
Applied eq and compression
Additional Processing and over all sweetening
2 revisions


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