Professional Mixing and Mastering Satisfaction Guaranteed for $150

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Professional Mixing and Mastering Satisfaction Guaranteed for $150

I know how it feels to purchase a service from someone you don't know...
So please feel free to ask for a 30-second rough mix preview for you to decide whether to continue with my service or not!

I am confident to bring out the best of your sound and bring your song to a commercial level. My clients often describe my mixes as very "seasoned", "energetic" and "wide" in terms of the stereo width.

I’m an experienced mixing engineer who continuously works with numerous artists and bands mainly from Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I mix and master all kinds of genres but am especially good at the genres of funk, rock, alternative, indie, folk, jazz, R&B, city pop, neo soul and pop.

Being a guitarist and singer in a band , and a singer song writer myself, I take especially good care of my clients’ vocal tracks by applying my very handy vocal chain and just enough Autotune if needed. I also know how confusing it is to have the back and forth process with your mixing engineer so I am particularly good at implementing my clients wants and requirements.

-Reference Track:
Reference tracks would be highly appreciated so I could immediately know what kind of style my clients would like to go for.

-Vocal Editing:
Vocal tuning and editing with Melodyne is included for free if required.

-Tracks Editing:
Please make sure your stems are already edited before sending them out for mix. (e.g. drum alignment, drum replacing or sampling, cross fades etc.)
If you would need the above editing services, you could have them as add-ons with a small amount of additional costs.

As a professional practice, I always mix into my whole mastering chain.
On top of that, I usually sleep on the first mix then do the fine adjustments on the master level the day after. So the mix my clients receive is essentially mastered at a commercial level, both in terms of loudness and quality.

-No. of Revisions:
Typically, 4 revisions in total would be more than enough for my clients' satisfaction.
However, if the customer is still not happy with the result, the number of revisions is flexible.

-Turn-Around Time:
For each song the first mix would be typically sent out within a week.
Any adjustments after that would be typically made within 2 days.

Studio One 4
SSL G Bus Compressor Clone
UAD Apollo X
UAD Satellite
Softube Console 1

  • Funk
  • Neo soul
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

A Song - The Hertz

This is a song from my own band based in Hong Kong. Enjoy!
  • A Song - The Hertz

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