MIXER - Professional, Versatile, Competitive for $250

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MIXER - Professional, Versatile, Competitive for $250

My name is Dean. I am a producer, songwriter, mixer and multi-instrumentalist session and live musician. As an engineer - I have produced, engineered, and/or mixed grammy winning artists, major label artists, high-budget independent artists, as well as many talented new artists. I have made records for and have a vastly avid love for all music in the range from classical, pop, rock, hip hop, EDM, punk, progressive/alternative/art-rock, to all genres of metal from classic to hardcore/metalcore.

ATTN: As my usual mix rate starts at $500 and up, I offer this exclusive, introductory rate exclusively for Airgigs as I introduce myself to the service. I can not guarantee my mix services will remain in this price for a fixed period of time, or indefinitely.

My mixes are extremely versatile whether you desire a huge, larger than life radio sound, an indie/vibey-intimate sound, or wide and orchestral. There are simply no limits to my capabilities. Whatever you dream your final product to be, will be delivered as such.

Equipment used:
SSL 4000 E/G Console
Trident 80B Console
Summit Audio dynamics and pre-amps
Chandler Limited Mixer
Chandler Limited dynamics and pre-amps
1176 compressors
Universal Audio pre-amps and dynamics
Pro Tools HDX
Very Vast array of plugins
Bricasti Reverbs
Lexicon Reverbs

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