Complete editing mixing and mastering of your song for $150

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Complete editing mixing and mastering of your song for $150

Sample for free. Unlimited tracks. I have services for $25 and $60. Or I will edit your entire project for $100. Or I can mix and master your song for $60. Look at the list of my services. This will allow your song to sound crystal, clear and professional. The number of tracks in the project is unlimited. The number of revisions is unlimited. I will align all instruments and all vocals with the tempo of a piece of music, even if the tempo is not constant. I will fix the mistakes of perfomance. I will remove the noise in the pauses and in the sound itself with the help of modern technologies. I will pitch correction manually in all vocal parts as well as in all solo instruments. I use professional programs such as Melodyne and Elastic Audio. I do not use automatic editing as it does not provide accuracy and proper quality. Editing takes up to 3 days depending on the complexity of the project. I will make mix and mastering of your song. I stay in touch all the time and i am ready to listen and fulfill all the wishes of the customer. If you need advice, I am ready to answer any of your questions. Please check my other services. Please check my portfolio. I will make my work until the time you will love it.

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Andrei Skliarov - Funny Jazz

  • Andrei Skliarov - Funny Jazz
  • The Gunslingers - Mr. Bad Luck
  • blazzers - I`m Just Waiting
  • Борода Бабая - Чёрная Метка
  • Soundstorm - Popsovaya pestnia
  • Fatalimer - Красивая
  • TorpЭdo - Ты и я
  • New Maps - Love Is In Your Eyes
  • Theosophy - Towers of Dark Pantheon
  • РЫЖИЙ ЛУНЬ - Вода
  • Рунара - Оазис
  • I.Witness - Лимб (Limbo)
  • AMSTERDAM - Тяни
  • Алексей Чичаков - Лети _33

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