Pro Tools HD & Analog Mixing - 20 yrs experience for $300

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Pro Tools HD & Analog Mixing - 20 yrs experience for $300

I mix with Pro tools HD into an Analog Desk and outboard effects.
It's a technique I perfected while running (and producing & mixing from) Ireland's legendary and historic studio called Westland Studios, Dublin. (Clients include Miley Cyrus, Hozier, Migos, Tyler The Creator, Bob Dylan, J. Cole, Gavin James, Sinead O'Connor, Placebo, U2 etc...)

I use punch, delays, soundscapes and musicality to get strong reactions from the listener, whether it's excitement or tears. I know the value of good communication and I give regular updates. When I make a comment or suggestion to the artist(s) I always explain why I hold that view.

Mixing is not rocket science after 20 years of learning what artists are looking for, what makes the listeners tick and how to get the essence of a song to really shine.

I believe in a custom job for every song. I extend that approach to making arrangement suggestions if I feel it necessary. It's your music so of course you maintain control (I send several versions of the mix), but it's not uncommon for me to suggest or even add percussion, strings or whatever I feel is missing for a specific reason.
I don't take offence if you choose to not use my suggestions, this is not an ego trip for me.

The state of modern mixing:
Many mixes these days are severely lacking in energy.
The main culprits are
- irresponsible or lazy sound replacement
- bad (or extreme) editing
- awful guitar sounds (usually in home recordings)
- bad timing (usually in home recordings)

I've listed 10 revisions as to be honest if I can't make you happy within the first 4 or 5 we have a serious problem on our hands! Usually i nail a mix on the first or second go!

Oak Hollow (samples)

  • Oak Hollow (samples)
  • Nile St James
  • Nile St James
  • VA
  • Drivelight
  • Paula Keane

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