Vocal Tuning and Production, Vocal Processing and Mixing for $75

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Vocal Tuning and Production, Vocal Processing and Mixing for $75

Hi ! I can work on vocals all the way from saving the performance, to just polishing up an already great one. Much of my work has landed placement in film and t.v., and great vocal production has helped that happen :) I will tune your vocals, help with alignment, and use e.q. and compression to help them sit in the mix. We'll do as many revisions as necessary to make sure you are happy, and once you are satisfied with the result, I'll provied the tracks tuned and processed as a mix, and tuned with no processing for your choice to mix with as well. My credits include:
Ray Donovan (Showtime)
Huang's World (Viceland)
Girl's(HBO DVD Release)
FML: A Social Media Adventure(Film/iTunes)
States Of Undress (Viceland)
Madame Secretary(CBS)
Manhunters:Fugitive Task Force(A&E)
Grown(Verizon Network)
Public Disturbance(Lionsgate Films)

Please let me know what you need, and include rough or reference mixes for me to hear so I can better determine how to treat your vocals, or mix your track. I specialize in electronic pop, hip hop and EDM styles but I come from a rock background so I can work in that style too.
Gear and plugins:
Protools 10 & 11, Logic Pro X ,Universal Audio, SSL4000E Channel Strip collection, Neve, Melodyne Studio, Autotune, Empircal Labs EL 8 Distressor, Eventide Harmonize,r Pultech ,Tubetech, Ampex ,Oxide Tape, Teletronix, and much more.

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