Afforable mix and master Radio/stream ready! Get the Weiss DS-1 MRK3 on your music! for $99

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Afforable mix and master Radio/stream ready! Get the Weiss DS-1 MRK3 on your music! for $99

Now using the top limiter in the mastering world: Weiss DS-1 MRK3! The sound of the past 30 years! Heard on most of the biggest selling hits! Only used by the best mastering engineers due to the price tag.. A $10,000 piece of hardware, that still sells for $6000 on eBay, fully recreated, line by line, code by code, not an emulation, an exact duplicate of the hardware! The plugin is $600! Warm creamy, punchy. Put it next to any other limiter with the same settings and the Weiss always sounds cleaner, clearer, louder, warmer, more "real".
"It's all in the ears"
35 years experience in L.A. and O.C. from 2" to Adat and now the DAW era.. ( we all strive for that analog sound, without the noise floor) 1000's of mix/masters being played all over the world. I have years of training, both college and practical.
I am using the Harrison Mixbus 5 DAW - as close to analog you can get in the digital world. Bands/songs recorded on a Harrison console? How about "Fool in the rain" Zeppelin!
Westlake Audio Studios - Michael Jackson 'Thriller'
Rusk studios - The Runaways, Village People, Donna Summer, Laura Brannigan, Elton John
Flyte Tyme - Janet Jackson 'Rhythm Nation'
Power Plant - Sade, Fine Young Cannibals
Polar (Stockholm) -ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Genesis
Musicland Studios (Munich) - Giorgio Moroder, Queen, ELO, Rolling Stones
Amigo, Image
TheEndStudios (Lund Sweden) Billy Cobham, Big Elf, The Knife, Hoffmaestro, Thåstöm, Bob Hund, Bergman Rock, Calle Real, Paul Simon.
The film industry uses Harrison extensively as well.
I use the top vst's/plugins.
Tuned room ARC 2.5
Equator monitors
Rock, pop, alternative, country, metal, hip hop, rap
I mix/master for what you want to hear
Guaranteed & Affordable.
My room is tuned for my monitors= accurate playback across all platforms. I use Equator coaxial studio monitors which will translate anywhere you play your tracks, the same clean, warm mix everytime. I use a range of plugins from IKmultimedia, SKnote and Airwindows to name a few. My VST folder is one of the largest I have ever seen. I also have pitch correct/autotune if desired- needed. I mix/master what you want to hear. Try me, you have nothing to lose, I have given permission for a full refund if you are not satisfied with my work! I have done thousands of mix/masters through out my 35 years in the business. I want everyone to be able to afford comfortably a polished radio/media/cd ready master.

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