Professional Mastering All genres for $50

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Professional Mastering All genres for $50

Hi! My name is Marcos Del Moral I am a professional musician/producer/audio engineer. I will deliver an amazing master for any genre that you need, i've been mastering for well over 7 years now and i've grown to learn most of the techniques, music styles that you can think of also studied audio engineering for 4 years and can deliver very professional and very tasteful mix and/or master to your track. All of the mastering i do is done on a Apple IMac with Logic Pro X then pass through a UAD Apollo Twin and for reference Yamaha HS8. I have at my disposal various plug ins from UAD, FabFilter, Slate Digital, Waves, Izotope just to name a few. I will do everything at my disposal to give you a professional and stream ready master and most of all a product that you are happy with.

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Trap
  • Funk
  • R&B
  • Folk

Dream No. 12 by Ricardo Santiago

  • Dream No. 12 by Ricardo Santiago
  • Corine Corine by Abeltones Big Band
  • Run Run Run by Arise
  • Quicksand by The Traveling Band

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