Ready to remix/recreate your track including master for $450

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Ready to remix/recreate your track including master for $450

Hello! I am available to remix any track you may have into a groovy, completely original sound. I use live instruments such as guitar, keys and brass along with sampling drums, the mix and the master are included all together. I have a very fast turnaround and the quality still remains to it's best! I have 15 years of playing live instruments under my belt on-top of 12 years producing. I recently completed a remix called "Where Would We Be" released by Nicky Romero and ROZES that landed a number #4 spot on the iTunes dance charts among lots more. I use Logic Pro X accompanied with UAD gear and analog synths which have most of my signature sounds on which are always added to each remix. You can find my work on Spotify under my name "Ben Casey" along with my Soundcloud for further experimental tracks. I absolutely LOVE remixing songs! It's something I've loved to do and with my strong love for re-creating your track I always try my best to blend my own influences with a modern vibe! Feel free to message me and we can work something out, I can send demo's across from a verse to chorus to give you an idea what to expect to secure your decision to ahead!


Remix of
  • Where Would We Be
  • Back When This Started
  • Erasing You

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