Mastering Engineer for $80

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Mastering Engineer for $80

Client Satisfaction: Our primary goal is your satisfaction. The project is considered complete only when you are entirely happy with the results. Each project or version receives full attention and dedication to ensure an optimal artistic outcome.

Mix Confidence: It's essential that you feel confident about your mix and its content. Mastering can highlight or hide certain elements, but together, we'll find the perfect balance to achieve your desired sound.

Mix Adjustments: Sometimes, mix adjustments are necessary. If we’re working together, you can send your mix during the process for feedback. If adjustments are needed based on my suggestions, there’s no extra cost. Your first change is free; additional changes incur a 20% fee per change. Ensure you’re confident with your mix before submission. If a mix change is required after mastering, we’ll assess if it's minimal to apply previous master settings at no extra cost (one free mix change is allowed). Significant changes will incur a new mastering fee.

Album/EP Workflow: For albums or EPs, knowing the track order is crucial before starting. This helps in understanding the project better and making cohesive sonic decisions. Ideally, all material should be sent together. We can start mastering the first single until you’re satisfied and use it as a reference for the rest of the album.

Publishing Format: Inform us of the publishing format (CD, streaming platforms) at the final delivery, as different formats require specific preparations.

Pricing for Alternate Versions: The mastering price includes one alternate version like Instrumental, TV Mix, or Acapella, provided they are sent with the main mix. Additional versions cost 20% extra per version. If alternate mixes are not sent with the main mix, a 20% extra charge applies.

Turnaround Time: Delivery for singles or EPs is 3 days post-receipt of the mix and full payment. For full-length albums, pre-arranged delivery dates and schedules are crucial. Booking a session requires 100% project payment upfront.

Backup Retrieval: Requesting backup file retrieval incurs a 50% fee of the master value at the request date.

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