I will professionally Master your Songs. for $25

In Mastering 100% Guarantee By Alessandro Salza

I will professionally Master your Songs. for $25


• All Genres. I can Master any style of music.
• File delivery in High Quality .wav

Professional Mastering
• Detailed Equalization
• Multi-Band Compression
• Dynamic Range Enhancement
• Warm Harmonic Saturation Processing
• Clarity boost & Warm low-end punch, guaranteed!
• As Loud as you want!
• Final test on multiple speakers and environments.
• If requested I can check and ensure that your song is broadcast-safe (LUFS ITU-R BS.1770-2 & EBU)

Ritorno A Cartagena - Malbianco

LATEST WORK: My own Italian Alternative Rock band, Full production
  • Ritorno A Cartagena - Malbianco
  • Chelsea - Dragged Under
  • Cometary Coma - H-zero
  • Lazy Bum Kid B - New American Hustle
  • Meaning of Nothing - New American Hustle
  • Sono Una Bomba - Malbianco
  • Sincero - Malbianco

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