Analog Mastering: Most Refined Sonics on Airgigs for $99

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Analog Mastering: Most Refined Sonics on Airgigs for $99

My name's Adam. I'm well known for reliably delivering a new breed of sonic fidelity for not so much cash.

My analog approach involves gain-guiding the dynamics by hand through the resistance of the mastering chain for a loud, precision, master with dynamic impact. No sacrifice need be made for those who like it loud.

As an engineer, I've worked with Scissor Sisters, Across the Universe (Beatles movie), The Antlers and many more. I have mastering clients producing for PJ Harvey, Reel Big Fish, Childish Gambino, and G-Eazy. I got my start mix assisting top engineers, Jimmy Douglass (Timbaland) and Bonzai Caruso (Damien Marley), and shared a mastering studio and workflow with Diplo's mastering engineer, Mike Bell in DTLA. I've mastered for ANTI- Records, RISE Records,

This is my most popular Stereo Mastering service. I work from a single stereo WAV file per song (24 or 32-bit exports preferred). I have developed an analog chain that is sonically second to none, especially at this price point (Knif Soma Tube EQ, Neve Master Buss Processor, Varis Tube Vari-Mu, Maselec HF Limiter, Benchmark DACs, Mutec REF 10 1 gHz clocking, Weiss EQ1, etc).

Here's what you can expect from my work. Enhancements that are palpable, without tugging or contorting your hard won mixes. Taller/wider imaging with more front to back depth, more precise transients and hand guided dynamic contrasts from section to section. I’ll also shape the low end for the genre. I reference with the great tradition of classic records, and consider each job to be a conversation with the history of that particular genre.

I'm always happy to make a tweak or two within reason at no extra charge. I want everything to be perfect. Due to the nature of analog mastering and my hand-guided workflow, any mix swaps would be accommodated with an accompanying fee of ($45) if submitted after you've already heard the mastering.

Included deliverables: (1) Mastered WAV file optimized for Lossless Hi-Resolution streaming (24-bit). Extra formats and alternate versions can be added to your order for an extra $35/additional file.

Look forward to working with ya


  • Country
  • Americana
  • Ambient
  • Classical
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop

"Everybody's Watching" by dani mack

Mastered by Adam
  • "Everybody's Watching" by dani mack
  • "Portrait" by Huey X Honora
  • "Blush" by River Westin

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