Professional Mastering for $50

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Professional Mastering for $50

My name is Lincoln Parish, and I'm a Nashville based Music Producer/Audio/Mixing and Mastering Engineer, with a total of over 17 years working professionally in the business.. With having experience on both sides of the glass I believe open communication is key and with that I feel I know what it takes to take each and individual project to the next level.. I work out of my hybrid Analog/Digital Studio centered around my API 1608 console, whilst also using a combination of outboard gear as well for mixing and mastering.. My mastering process is hybrid in the sense that I run it thru my analog chain before dropping it back into pro tools and getting surgical for final touches.. I pride myself on great open communication and making sure you get the best out of your work in an efficient, timely fashion..

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Pop-Rock
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  • Country
  • Singer-Songwriter

Where The Healing Starts

I mixed and Mastered this song
  • Where The Healing Starts

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