Mastering 3 songs try for free for $75

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Mastering 3 songs try for free for $75

Try for free ! You have nothing to lose. I can provide a free sample of one of your song mastered to let you ear what I could do with your music.

In this gig I offer to master 3 of your songs for 75$, so only 25$ per song !
Mastering is the last step of a music production, the purpose of it is to make sure the mix is gonna sound great everywhere, on any kind of sound system, and that it will meet the specific loudness requirements of the industry (streaming platforms, YouTube, CD).

About me :
My name is Jordan, I’m a professional mixing and mastering engineer graduated from the Abbey Road Institute of Paris. I've been producing and engineering music for the past 5 years.
I can work in pretty much any popular music genre such as : Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, Acoustic, Funk, Country, Reggae, EDM, Electronica, Hip-Hop, etc...

My Studio :
I work in a studio near the city of Lyon, France. The studio has professional acoustics and monitoring (ATC speakers, Sennheiser HD800 headphones)
I work entirely ITB (In the box) because it is much more convenient and adapted to our modern era of music production.

Usual delivery time is one day, but depending on the amount of work I already have, it can take up to 2 days.
I offer up to 3 free mastering revisions.

If you have any question, feel free to ask.
Looking forward to work with you !

  • R&B
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Electronic
  • Pop-Rock

Pop / Rock Music Mix Mastering Example

Pop / Rock
  • Pop / Rock Music Mix Mastering Example
  • Hip-Hop / R&B Music Mix Mastering Example
  • R&B / Soul Music Mix Mastering Example 1
  • R&B / Soul Music Mix Mastering Example 2
  • Pop Music Mix Mastering Example

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