Mastering a song for $45

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Mastering a song for $45

The Pelican Audio Suite is a premiere mixing and mastering room located in Philadelphia. It was meticulously crafted all the way down to the custom designed main monitors to the acoustic material on the walls. The Pelican Audio Suite brings together world-class equipment and finely adjusted acoustics to create the perfect space for creative musical expansion of any artist’s vision. I am the designer and one of the engineers in the suite.

My name is Thomas Conran. I am an audio engineer and wizard.

Inspired at a young age by The Mars Volta and Radiohead, I decided I had to be involved in music. I attended Michigan Technological University’s Sound Design program where I graduated and was awarded for excellence in sound. I excel in producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering all types of music – whether it be electronic, pop, classical, or anything in between. I pull inspiration from sound wizards such as Jon Brion, Rick Rubin, Brian Eno, Nigel Godrich, and Chris Walla.

Here are some of the clients I worked with:
Alan Parsons • PJ Olsson • John Luther Adams • Bernie Krause • Stereo Tiger • Ingrid Michaelson • Capital Cities • Rixton • Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra • Mike Mangini • Hampton Rock String Quartet • Calamity Jane • Lovebettie • Mike Irish • Milt Olsson • The Interest Group • The Late Saints • John & Brittany • Katie Arminger • Brett Talley • Alex DiMattia • Keweenaw Land Trust • Wolf & Moose Study of Isle Royal • JazzTech • Null • Hexecho • Lauren McLaughlin • Tight Mike Productions • Digital Descent • Giada J • Kody Stieve • Uncle/Father Oscar

I will provide two free revisions of the master, after the free revisions I charge hourly at $35/hr.

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