Pro mastering- SSL Fusion Up to 5 revisions - for $20

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Pro mastering- SSL Fusion Up to 5 revisions - for $20

SSL FUSION! Get warm, punchy "hot" mixes, properly EQ'd and polished with extensive analog emu's and mastering plugins. Put up our masters against any masters out there and we will be louder, warmer, puncher, creamer, more "real".
Tuned room and Equator monitors matched to the room response = masters that translate across all listening platforms. We will give you up to 5 revisions as well if you're not satisfied with our initial master. Quick turnaround of 24 hours- usually completed faster.
Please email reference song titles and bands if you want us to emulate a specific sound of an artist/band. 100% guarantee is offered on all our services if not happy with the results.

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