Professional, Affordable Mastering In 24 Hours for $20

In Mastering 100% Guarantee By Liam Hamer

Professional, Affordable Mastering In 24 Hours for $20

Mastering is the art of taking a finished mix and turning it into a polished final product that boasts warmth, punch, clarity and will sound great on any listening medium, system, and environment. It will sound at home alongside the very best commercial tracks. When you hire me, you get all the above and more.

My approach is detail-oriented and meticulous. No stone will be left unturned, so you can be sure your track is in great hands.

I start by listening to your track and making notes, then embark on my tried and tested process all the way from referencing against similar commercial masters, sculpting the EQ balance, adding analog-esque warmth and saturation, crafting the dynamice balance between instruments making sure the most prominent elements of the song are featured, making sure both mono-compatability and stereo width are both achieved, all the way to bringing the volume up to commercial levels without losing any clarity, punch of detail.

I utilise world-class tools by the likes of Plugin Alliance, Izotope and Slate Digital.

With 3 free revisions, you have peace of mind that we can have an open dialogue where all feedback is welcome. This is your song and I'm not happy until you are.

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Slave by Grace Simon, mastered by Liam Hamer
  • Slave
  • Ayyy

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