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    Hi - we're looking for singers with traditional musical theatre experience and inclinations for the following roles for a true historical story set in mid-19th century California : Women: 4 roles 1. 35ish - Mexican/Californio - the ...
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    Vocals (Female) Delivery Date: Dec 25, 2020  Posted on: Oct 10, 2020

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    I need a female singer/songwriter to sing over my experimental-ish rnb track. I need lyrics, harmonies, adlibs etc. ...
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    Vocals (Female) Delivery Date: Dec 01, 2020  Posted on: Sep 11, 2020

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    I will be splitting my first EP into two sections. Alter Ego - Cece Flow- sings lower, rich soulful tones about love found, lost, falling in love with your true self, energy frequencies etc. Ci-Pher Ci- rap for social change, menta...
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    Song Production Delivery Date: Dec 01, 2020  Posted on: Sep 03, 2020

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    Need female vocalist to be the 3rd harmony part in a vocal trio along with 2 male voices. The style is pre-bop jazz standards: Pennies from Heaven, Route 66, I'll See You In My Dreams, It Don't Mean a Thing if it Aint Got that Swing. M...
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    Vocals (Female) Delivery Date: Dec 12, 2020  Posted on: Sep 02, 2020

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    I have started a YouTube channel as a hobby project called "HaHa Tunes" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwaX_8G6g6LGT6WUUjAVgrw so far only couple songs, working on third one at the moment (subscribe, lol). I write okay ly...
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    Song Production Delivery Date: May 05, 2021  Posted on: May 07, 2020

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    I need a vocalist for this project. Style: Alternative or Grunge. Inspiration: Alice In Chains. Music: https://soundcloud.com/wonderland_song/aint-a-rotten-heart?in=wonderland_song/sets/helena-son
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    Vocals (Male) Delivery Date: Feb 08, 2021  Posted on: May 01, 2020