Professional Rap Vocals That Will Elevate your Music for $100

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Professional Rap Vocals That Will Elevate your Music for $100

Hello, my name is Foxworth! I am a songwriter, independent artist, and sound engineer in Tampa, FL. I specialize in rap/hip-hop and creating an amazing sound. Hire me, and you'll receive an incredible verse, hook, or anything in between. I've been rapping for several years and have featured on multiple projects both as an engineer and as a vocalist. My work as a vocalist tends to be more introspective, with depth and attention to detail for every bar; however, I also love to turn up and get hyped. I can tackle any genre as both a vocalist and as an engineer. I DO NOT rap about explicit content, but I will take on those topics as a sound engineer.

All my vocals are recorded in a professional studio with Logic Pro X. When hired, before completing a verse, I will send a voice memo via airgigs for approval. Once approved, I supply all clients with raw high-quality WAV files At a 48k sample rate and 24-bits.

Each client has two revisions. A revision can be used either to change how I approach the verse or revise the content of the lyrics. All that I ask is that I am given credit for any vocals that I do. Any track I am featured on must include "Feat. Foxworth"

  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Trap
  • Pop
  • EDM
  • Rap


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