German Professional Rap, Trap and HIP Hip Hop Vocals Lead and Hook for $50

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German Professional Rap, Trap and HIP Hip Hop Vocals Lead and Hook for $50

Hire me and you will receive nothing less than an amazing performance. I have been rapping for 5 years now, and have cultivated a unique flow that is bound to take your song to the next level. I'm also very versatile, no matter the genre or style of music (Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, EDM. Hip Hop, Trap). For 50 Dollars you will get the whole Track + Hook (4 or 8 Bars. Depends on your Instrumental).

If the Job is done you get the following parts from me:
Lyrics: Stems for every Line With Effects + without effects (Clean Vocals).
Also i give you the Lyrics with Effects on it and perfectly mixed to your Instrumental in one Track if wished.

All my vocals are tracked at my home studio, through the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2, and straight into Cubase 10. When hired I supply all clients with high quality WAV files At 48k sample rate and 24-bits. Ad libs, doubles, and commentary (just by request) will be included in the package as well. Pre-written material is accepted, however, all lyrical content written by ME can be used from you as well. Thats included in the price. It may take me up to 7 days to deliver the vocals (this is the maximum; sooner return time is possible and will happens the majority of the time). Each client has two revisions. A revision can be used either to change how I approach the verse or revise the content of the lyrics.

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