Online Session Hand Percussionist or Drumset for $75

In Percussion 100% Guarantee By Jim Richards

Online Session Hand Percussionist or Drumset for $75

Hand Percussion can add another dimension to a piece of music in most any situation. Also great for songwriters to add to demos instead of loud drums.

My Milwaukee, Wisconsin studio is in the basement of my home. Finished with carpeting on the floor and panelling on the walls and an acoustical tiled drop ceiling. I close mic mostly but overhead mics sound good too. I use studio quality microphones. 

I use Garageband on my Mac and my final files sent to you when done will be .wav files with no effects added to them. I will give you what my drums sound like raw so you can do whatever you want with them on your end.

I use a variety of hand percussion instruments including: Meinl congas, Meinl bongos, Meinl djembe, Tycoon cajon, tabla, chimes, cowbell, shakers and other various noise makers. If I don’t have what you want, I’ll go get one. I also play and have a traditional drumset: Gretsch seven piece Catalina Maple and Zildjian cymbals.

I have been playing drums and percussion since 1969. I have been involved in many avenues in drumming and keeping up on the recording industry. I play drums in a local blues band and hand percussion drums in a local acoustic trio. I am constantly striving to improve my musicianship and exploring the world of drums. And… I am reaching out to the world to help create more music.

Here's how it works.
You give me your recorded music in the form of a mp3. You can also give me a sample of the type of drumming you would like me to copy from, or you can let me play what I think would be appropriate for your song. Then, I record my hand percussion drums and other percussion to it. Send you a proof. Fix it up to your satisfaction, then send you the high quality recording that you can use in your project. For one price you get unlimited tracks, overdubs, revisions and edits. Until your project is to your satisfaction.

I charge $75.00 per song, $35 for shorter songs (1.5 minutes or less) used on commercials or promos or something else like that. Or if you have many short songs, then it's $65.00 for 2 of those. This includes every piece of percussion that I use for the project. I do not charge extra for anything (some guys charge extra for everything, even a shaker).

"I am here to create the best hand percussion tracks with the highest quality of recording in the quickest time possible."


Front Porch Rockers, drums and percussion
  • Escaping
  • Hey Julie
  • Country Song Sample

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