Bluegrass or Country Banjo Picking for $100

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Bluegrass or Country Banjo Picking for $100

If you are looking for classic Scruggs-style bluegrass banjo picking, or country fill and rhythm banjo tracks, I am your man! I have been playing banjo for over 12 years in talented bands, and love each opportunity I get to record banjo tracks for music artists. I specialize in a 3-fingered picking style that produces the bluegrass sound the banjo is known for, but I am a versatile musician and can easily play country background rolls as well as a roots-style picking pattern. If you would like me to record a different genre, please contact me beforehand so I can figure out whether or not I am able to fully satisfy your recording needs.

I can build basic accompaniment patterns and create entire solos from scratch, as well as record a technique of your preference that you specify beforehand. I will send you a stand-alone track in either .WAV or .MP3 file format (depending on your preference), and also will send a mixed version of the file for quick reference.

Please give me as many details as possible about your song so I can be sure to record above and beyond your expectations!

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